An original and tasty variation based on the classical local cheese fondue, created by Nadine who fetches her mushrooms herself. This typical Savoie special is served all year long. Tasty cheese, sweet spectacular mushrooms, crusty bread and tasty Savoie white wine..all these ingredients, put together, will have you only think about tasting it one more time! A friendly meal to taste quickly! Don't hesitate even one second!
Beef, veal, lamb, duck or chicken, all share the lead when it comes to the hot stone standing in the center of your table! Pre-cut and marinated, lthe best meat portions are grilled without loosing any taste nor texture. A very healthy dish. Have it served with many side dishes (salads, potatoes...), this special will get you thrilled! A simple and novel way to taste all kinds of tender meat.

THE TRUE Nadine's special which people from all around the planet come here for! Milk, garlic, butter, cream and nutmeg are the nice additional ingredients added to potatoes to create this family recipe dish from the "Dauphine" area. Cooked 'just as it must be', this is a specialty which can be tasted in summer as well as in winter. It is very simple to prepare, smooth, crusty on top. The potatoes layers are a real must try! Can be served with meat or delicatessen, at lunch or for dinner time.

Our Goal

To bring you the best of Savoie culinary specialties within a cozy, warm and family-like environment, well-suited for enjoying a relaxing moment after a long day of sporting events, in winter or during summertime.


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Despite the fact that we did not book a table, a very nice lady warmly welcomed us.A beautiful atmosphere emerges from the place, largely due to the different members of the team The food was excellent from appetizer to dessert. I absolutely recommend it (and especially the pierrade and its gratin which was really very good)

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